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Och nu lite esoterisk hitlerism

Kännetecknande för de som verkar inom den idéströmning som kallas esoterisk hitlerism är en rent religiös dyrkan av Adolf Hitler som man tillskriver ett gudomligt ursprung. Den esoteriska hitlerismens portalgestalt måste sägas vara fransk-grekiskan Savitri Devi men nästan lika betydelsefull är nog Miguel Serrano, en chilensk diplomat. Jag har kommit över en av Serranos böcker, The Resurrection of the Hero, och har efter viss möda tagit mig igenom den.

The Resurrection of the Hero av Miguel Serrano

Serrano öser ur många religioners källor när han ska belägga Hitlers gudomlighet. Han kopplar samman bland annat hinduism, asatro, buddhism och nyandlighet. Kopplingarna är ofta minst sagt långsökta och Serrano söker också dolda meningar i nummer, namn och olika typer av företeelser. Det är vidare en väldigt symboltung bok där sådant som den svarta solen och den gröna ljusstrålen är centrala. Föga oväntat är judarna skurkar i det kosmiska skådespel Serrano målar upp. Judarna är underhuggare till ariernas ständiga fiende i denna värld, Demiurgen.

Språket närmar sig ofta poesin och som ett litet smakprov citerar jag nedan i sin helhet bokens tre avslutande sidor där trådarna i Serranos trassliga nystan av tankegångar sammanfogas. På så vis kan envar avgöra huruvida esoterisk hitlerism är ens kopp te. Tycker man att texten är dunkel så är nog Serrano faktiskt betydligt mer tydlig här än i resten av boken.

What the Warrior needs is to know what is behind the religion he encounters: the secret of the Narrow Doorway, the power of that Alchemy of Transmutation.

The total dominion that the Jew exercises at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, after the Second World War, which he seemingly won, can cause one to think upon how easy it would be for him to distort everything again. By falsifying a Hitlerist Religion, which he could attempt secretly guided by the Demiurge, he would impede the few Aryans who are remaining from finding their own path. Already they have mixed all of the races, having bastardized the world, such that the Voice in the Blood Memory of the Aryans is not more than a lost echo in the forest of a frightening jumble. But those who believe they have defeated us are wrong because the war was won spiritually by Hitler.

It is in Aquarius when the nadir of the Kali Yuga, the Darkest Age, will be reached with the final destruction in the Eternal Return. The Wolf Fenrir will come back to devour the galactic Universe. The necessary number of the Einherier by now have forced the Narrow Doorway. For their sacrifice, the Heroes who have been torn to pieces will have already been remade in Valhalla by Wotan and the Valkyries, more brilliant than the Gods themselves. In each Round a Seeding must be fulfilled, where the exact number of grains will fructify. They are the Heroes who triumph. As the harvest in Pisces was meager, some numbers that were not fulfilled can pass on to Aquarius. To help them came the Avatar and He will return at the end, just before the dissolution, to enter with His Wildes Heer, with His Ultimate Battalion, and fight the triumphal combat together with those who still await Him with Honor and Loyalty.

Adolf Hitler at the end of the Age of Pisces has restored the principles of the Code of Aryan Honor: the faith in the superiority of the race, in the purity of their blood and their divine origin; faith in the inequality of men, and the knowledge that one was a God. In the Alchemical Laboratory of the Castle of the SS, Wewelsburg, He was recreating the Sonnenmensch, the Sun-Man. Hitler also erased the sense of guilt and original sin, completely alien to the soul of the Aryan. He restored the pride of the Hero in equality with the Gods. And yet the definitive action is that for all the Rounds of the Eternal Return He uncovered the Enemy, the poisoner of the blood, the destroyer of the religions, the parasite and robot in service of the Demiurge: the International Jew, Golem of Yahweh-of the Demon corrupter of the Universe- the One who came here to combat the Asen.

The Avatar is not a God, He is more than a God: He is a Hero who has been liberated, returning to His own Universe, to the Green Ray, with a Face after winning in combat. He has immortalized His terrestrial “I” and a portion of this Earth, which He has redeemed and transfigured. He is the Absolute-Man, united with His Absolute-Woman, wedded within Venus the Morning Star, united and separated forever. His emblem is the Eight Pointed Star, two Hagal Runes, together and apart.

The Avatar has come to assist those who still find themselves fighting in the moment of greatest need when all seems lost. And He will return again. He did not come to preach a new religion but to show the exit for the Hero, to confirm to him that he is of divine origin, that he was a God, that his blood and his race were pure and that he must clean and purify them to be able to exit through the Narrow Window, towards a Universe that is his own, after fighting and defeating the Demiurge and his dark hosts – the Jews, the Turanians, the Elementarwesen. Beware kamerads, that the drama of Pisces does not happen again in Aquarius! It is not a religion that the Hero needs but the confrontation with the Archetype, a crossing traversed through him, from side to side, to be able to observe Him from behind from the other side of the mirror, being able to extract the alchemical secret hidden in His symbolic message: There is no God Wotan, there is no God Mithras, there is no God Kristos, after they entered this Universe. There is only a Chronicle of the Divine Family, a Great Book of the Kindred of the Asen and the Goths who came here to fight within the confines of unused Time and that Eternity that became Time (Sat-ur-no) in order to attain awereness of their Eternity when Time again ceases to be. The Runic Book says that you, oh Hero, were Wotan, and you were Mithras and Kristos… And never more will you return to be them… For you shall be Another…

At the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of Aquarius this is the Path that Adolf Hitler, the Ultimate Avatar, came to show us: the possibility for the Hero of transmuting himself into more than a God, into a Superman, Absolute-Man, Total-Man, Sonnenmensch. A Sun, a Star. Because Hitler was such. And you, oh Hero!, also will be!

The Twilight of the Gods is only of the Gods; for the Resurrection of the Gods, is the Resurrection of the Hero.

Heil Hitler! Sieg Heil!

(Källa: Serrano M, The resurrection of the hero, s. 129-131)

Det måste vara Österrike
I översättarens förord stod det att denne upplevde synkronicitet i tillvaron när denne för första gången kom i kontakt med Miguel Serranos böcker. Som av en händelse kom jag själv att läsa ut The Resurrection of the Hero nu i slutet av maj när jag var på alpsemester i det land där lille Adolf först såg världens ljus.